Legacy of the Pinkcity

For centuries extravagant recreation was the hallmark and privilege of the Royalty and the Rulers, and the historic Pink City of Jaipur was no different.

Replete with its tales of Maharaja’s and Maharani’s, hidden treasures in fortresses, a Maharani so graceful and beautiful that her neck would show the colour of the “Sherbat” she was drinking, architectural marvels in terms of planning, location and construction, overall grandeur, brilliant water supply and drainage system, Jaipur had all the charm a city needed.

Our Founders

The Jaipur Club was founded in the year 1890 at initiative of some Rajas & Thakurs of Jaipur State. It was originally the 'Polo Club'

Mr. C.E. Statherd

Engineer - Secretary

Mr. H.V. Cobb

Resident - President

Rao Raja Madho Singh


Raja Ajeet Singh


Th. Keshri Singh


Raja Sajjan Singh

Khandela (Jr.)

Col. Dr. J.H. Hendly


Th. Bhograj Singh

Santha - Polo Player

Th. Narian Singh

Kanota - Polo Player

Th. Roop Singh

Naila - Polo Player

Th. Devi Singh

Chomu - Polo Player


Management Committee

Dr. Satish Bhardwaj


Shri Ashok Baheti

Vice President

Er. Ajeet Saxena

Hony. Secretary

Shri. Himanshu Sehgal

Joint Secretory Cum Treasurer

Shri. Dharmendra Kamthan


Ranoo Srivastava

Executive Member

Dr. Saket Mathur

Executive Member

CA. Sanjay Pabuwal

Executive Member

CA. Abhishek Saraogi

Executive Member

Shri Gurmukh Singh

Executive Member

Shri Deepak Jain

Executive Member

CA. Pawan Parashar

Executive Member

Dr. Kuldeep Mohan Sahai

Executive Member