Re-Opening of the Club

21-07-2020 Jaipur Club

By the grace of God, the Club is now being reopened. However, certain guidelines have to be strictly followed to reduce the risk of COVID-19. We have taken proper measures to make the Club safe and ensure that the risk is minimized.

The advent of the pandemic has mandated the need for constant disinfection especially in high touch public and domestic areas including restaurants, bars, office etc. Despite constant disinfection, regular touching can re-contaminate the sterilized areas quickly thus keeping the risk of infection high since conventional disinfectants, although effective act only for a short time period as once the disinfectant evaporates, the surface is subjected to microbial re-contamination with an infected touch.

Therefore, we have used COVIDCOAT, a proprietary disinfectant formulation that forms a long-lasting anti-microbial coating on surfaces. COVIDCOAT is a high-performance disinfectant coating that synergistically combines release killing, contact killing, magnetic attraction and Non-fouling nature which makes the coating a lethal weapon to kill microbes/viruses at all times, non-stop, 24×7. When sprayed to any surface antimicrobial activity remains effective for 90 days. Daily cleaning of COVIDCOAT-protected surfaces with cloth and water/detergent will not remove the protective layer. It is also safe for everyone, from newborns to adults. This has been subjected to ATP/SWAB testing, which is a globally used tool to measure the level of contamination by detecting the presence of Adenosine Tri Phosphate. It has been certified by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, which is a constituent board of the Quality Council of India.

We are also taking the following measures for your safety and it is in everyone’s best interest to respect these guidelines and follow them to the tee.

  1. Every Member/Staff/Vendor/Visitor/Maintenance person will be thermally screened for body temperature, asked to sanitize their hands, and have their oxygen levels checked by pulse oxy meter before they enter the Club.
  2. They will also furnish an undertaking of their health status the first time they come to the Club. The Arogya Setu App should be downloaded in their mobile phone before entering the Club premises. 
  3. Entry without a mask is strictly prohibited in the Club premises.
  4. Proper social distancing will be followed at all times at all places in the Club.
  5. The Club Managers will ensure the compliance of Government guidelines of COVID- 19 management in all manners.
  6. Posters and standees on preventive measures against COVID-19 will be displayed prominently.
  7. Deep cleaning and sanitization of all washrooms will be ensured at regular intervals.
  8. Members and staff are strongly advised to wash their hands for 20-30 seconds with liquid soap and use hand sanitizers placed at various places.
  9. Children’s Play Room, Health Club, Gym, Swimming Pool, Yoga Room, etc shall remain closed till further notice.
  10. Even though we have applied the COVIDCOAT, cleaning and sanitication of surface walls, switches, handrails, staircase railings, doorknobs, taps, flush and other major touch points will to be doen regularly.
  11. All the vehicles shall be parked while maintaining proper distance. Security will ensure the same.
  12. For air-conditioning/ventilation, the guidelines of the CPWD shall be followed which inter alia emphasize that the temperature setting of all air conditioning devices should be in the range of 24-30 °C. Relative humidity should be in the range of 40-70%.
  13. The Club area i.e. common entry, reception, office, lobby, chabutara, garden, bar, restaurant and annexe will be disinfected daily after closing hours.
  14. There will be an ERT (Emergency Response Team) deployed in the Club equipped with PPE kit to manage things in case any suspected/infected case is reported.
  15. Detailed briefing of all staff will be done before the opening of Club and thereafter daily monitoring of respective staff to be done by one of the executive committee members daily.
  16. Initially, only Annexe and Main Bar will be opened, where not more than 50% of seating capacity is permitted. The distance between two tables should be minimum of 6 feet with only two person allowed to sit on one table. Non-sitting chairs shall be properly earmarked in a manner so they are not occupied. Once the bar and annexe are full, service may be extended to the chabutara and lawns.
  17. Bar & Restaurant staff, Billing machine operator, service boys & housekeepers will wear masks and hand gloves and take other prescribed precautionary measures. 
  18. In the kitchen, the staff will follow social distancing norms.
  19. All the vegetables will be washed properly before use. Other items and food packets will be sanitized before entering into the kitchen area.
  20. No one will be allowed from the containment (Red) zone and the same will be ensured by the Security staff & individual/manager.
  21. Persons above 65 years of age, persons with co-morbidities (asthma, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes or any other disease which lowers the immunity, etc) and pregnant women are advised to stay at home. If they visit the Club, it will be at their sole risk.
  22. The entry of children below the age of 10 years is strictly prohibited.
  23. Staff residing in containment Zone (previously red zone) or from any new sensitive zone ( as declared by the government) will not be placed on duty.
  24. The employee who are at a higher risk and have related symptoms are advised to stay at home. Staff suffering from critical disease will not be placed on duty.
  25. Spitting of tobacco and other chewing items is strictly prohibited in the Club premises. Accordingly, the sale of Pan Masala, Tobacco, etc. shall be discontinued by the Club.
  26. No guests will be allowed till further notice.
  27. Members are advised to only use their biometric card to enter the Club premises.
  28. Digital mode of payment (e-wallets) will be encouraged.
  29. Respiratory etiquettes will be strictly followed. This involves the strict practice of covering one's mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues properly.
  30. All employees are being trained for self-monitoring of health and reporting any illness at the earliest to Club Management.
  31. In addition to the COVIDCOAT, the following safety measures will be followed in the bar
  32. Bar counter and stools to be sanitized properly.
  33. Bar equipment like shakers, blenders, mixers and peg measures to be cleaned
  34. Ice containers to be washed and sanitize.
  35. All the bottles of spirits, wines and beers to be sanitized with food-grade disinfectant.
  36. All the glassware to be cleaned with hot water and lemon.
  37. All crockery & Cutlery will be washed with effective soap solutions with boiled water.
  38. Only packed bottled water will be served.
  39. Proper well cooked food along with snacks has been included in the very limited menu. To avoid inclusion or raw or cold food like salads, refrigerated desserts, etc. pre-decided mini platters will be prepared and food shall be cooked only after taking the order. Members who wish to have dinner have to pre book the same by 4 PM every day, otherwise we will not be able to serve them. 
  40. Since the Club has been closed for the past four months and we've been giving salaries regardless, the Club has certain financial constraints. Hence, there will be no credits sales.
  41. The Club shall be opened w.e.f. 22nd July, 2020. Timings: Monday to Saturday - 3 pm to 9:30 pm.
  42. The last order for drinks and snacks will be taken latest by 8:45 pm and Club will invariably close at 9:30 pm sharp so that the members and staff can reach home by 10:30 pm, which is when the night curfew begins.

Follow Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Guidelines.